ABSSolute: Hosting

Are you planning on replacing or upgrading your server infrastructure? Make sure that you contact ABS first!

ABS provides Application Hosting Solutions on all continents. We guarantee that we have got hosting locations nearby your business: maximum performance is ensured!

Why hosting?

  • Uptime and availability guaranteed via ABS (private) Cloud
  • 24/7 availability
  • Maximum safety: our professionals are looking after your security and are updating the backend of your system
  • The back-up of data & systems
  • Scalable to the future: your growing business seamlessly supported

ABSSolute: Software as a Service (SaaS)

When you want to learn more about ABSSolute Software as a Service (SaaS) please contact us and we will provide you with a proposal. You can convert your current maintenance & support agreement to an ABSSolute SaaS with which you will receive:

  • Use of business line related modules
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Servers: 24/7 access to the hosted infrastructure (private cloud)
  • Uptime and availability guaranteed via the ABS (private) Cloud
  • Maximum safety: professionals looking after security and updating the backend
  • Scalable to the future: your growing business seamlessly supported
  • Back-up Services
  • Updating services for ABSSolute
  • Operating/Network systems monitoring and hotline
  • Technical Application Support

Every B2B SaaS solution needs to fit like a glove, resulting in the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Please contact your account manager to get more information and recommendations.

Sustainability at ABS

Our continued effort towards reducing emissions, ABS continues to develop software which enables our customers to maximize the reusability of existing inventory. Recycling of ragged products is also an important aspect, which is supported by the ABSSolute system.

In the past several years, ABS has continued our focus on clean energy:

  • Company cars are now hybrid or fully electric powered
  • The corporate headquarters using LED lighting for 5 years
  • And now, the ABS headquarters is completely on green energy (no gas anymore)