Stockroom Management

TRUST the ABSSolute Stockroom Management and improve ROI

Unbeatable textile rental specific stockroom management. Other than standard ERP systems, the ABSSolute application embraces new as well as used inventory with multiple grades. Of course, handling non-unique (quantity) and unique (barcoded/chipped) items.

Local, regional, and central stock management you can TRUST that ALL available inventory is being recognized. Include all prefab customer emblems in stock or integrate embroidery on items. Purchasing becomes easy and can be triggered on-demand.

Suppliers can be monitored on their services and product quality. Strong Business Intelligence Dashboards to monitor your investments and their profitability.

Optimal Utilization

Optimal utilization of new and used textiles towards reducing costs

Quality Grading

Quality grading of your inventory

Supply chain optimization

Efficient cooperation between internal and external suppliers

And that's just the beginning!

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