In recent years there has been a global shift towards more environmentally sustainable ways of working.

ABS has initiated and realized multiple initiatives:

ABS Offices
• Paperless
• No disposable plastic cups (using reusable ABS mugs)
• Heating and cooling at our head office renewed in 2020
• Reducing our carbon emissions: No GAS consumption in the head office anymore
• 100% green energy at all our offices
• Hosting- and data centers: 100% green power
• Low energy LED lightning is installed everywhere.

• Invoices and documents provided in digital format

Lowering carbon footprint all over the world
• Most of our meetings are held via video conferencing
• Working from home offices
• Less traveling (car/flights)
• Preferred electric/hybrid cars
• More remote customer support during project implementation
• Recording training sessions on video. Re-use training material

All energy reducing activities and working more remotely and digital required changes in our procedures. Next to ISO 9001, where we have set out criteria for our quality management system, we have also implemented the ISO 27001 procedures successfully. ISO 27001 provides requirements for an up-to-date information security management system. Our organization is audited annually.

ABSSolute Developments towards Sustainability
• Efficient ordering process which reduces the transport of half-filled containers
• Efficient re-use of stocked items
• Share stocked items with other locations / use of centralized stocks
• Route Assistant allowing to service up to 20% more customers
• ABSSolute supports recycling items while ragging (instructions)
• Product Life Cycle Analysis: benchmarking products and suppliers
• Improved stockroom management which can reduce purchase costs or obsolete stock.
• Paperless solutions via ABSSolute mobile applications
• Automated emailing of documents, invoices and cost reporting
• Increasing the circulation speed of items based on proper inventory controls