ABSSolute fully integrated with the various RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technologies ranging from LF, HF to the newest: UHF (Ultra High Frequency).
With our UHF-RFID solutions you will be able to work smarter, faster, and more accurately. Your customers will be happy when you’re helping them to reduce losses and prevent shortages in their supply chain.

How it’s done
Innovative washable RFID tags are sewn into any textile items and they can even be hard-cased and attached to your transport items like carts.
Readers (large or handheld) can scan all items to easily track the number of items that are being distributed to, or received from your customers.

ABSSolute fully supports automated tracking and tracing of both the textiles and transport items. This way helping your customers reduce losses and prevent shortages in the supply chain.
We enable laundries to achieve great insight of all the individual items; like number of washes, re-washes, repairs. And once the item reaches its end of life, the reason causing it’s possible premature extraction for the circulation of items can be recorded and used to identify possible production issues.UHF-RFID can also be used for inventory control and ordering using our integrated mobile solutions.

Within our Clover 4 partnership, our partner LCT-Textilligence delivers the hardware like scan portals, tags, handheld readers, antennas etc, and ABS the software solutions for an accurate tracking and trace of all linen and garments items.