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Cutting Costs

Cutting costs with the most comprehensive system available

Staying competitive also means reducing costs wherever possible. The ‘ABSSolute ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system’ provides a sustainable solution for increasing efficiency in a cost-effective way. ABSSolute supports your business functions by combining them in one scalable application and multiple mobile solutions. Integrated functionality around production, services, contract management, CRM, stockroom management, invoicing procedures and Self Service Customer WEB Portals. One-time entry, one version of the truth, guaranteeing contract & service compliance. Seamless workflows to improve your bottom line. Contact us!

“Maruwa was searching for a new laundry ERP system and ABS introduced us to references such as in Dubai. Besides this, ABS has already a proven record in Japan with local staff to support us.

Multiple presentations were done to address how our requirements are covered in the ABSSolute system. Another appealing aspect was the fact that ABS is from The Netherlands whose labor productivity is one of the world’s highest countries.”

Yuka Maruyama CEO OF MARUWA

Increased Efficiency

ABSSolute forms the basis for Increased Efficiency

The key development strategy behind ABSSolute Laundry & Textile Rental ERP is one-time-entry and full integration. Business functions such as web order to delivery, stockroom reservations to purchasing, soil/clean counting and inventory control, tracking and (automated) sorting, system integrations, route delivery and pick-up; all in 1 system available! Streamlined integration of all processes into logical workflows, will be leading to increased efficiency.

“ABS has the scale to tackle large projects with knowledgeable and experienced staff in the US.”



Real Time Insights & Trend Analysis

Keeping on top of your business operations is essential. ABS Business Intelligence: specific laundry industry analytics, the real information that matters! You will see all your important KPI’s uncovering important data insights. Think about growth analysis, product life cycle, inventory management, profitability by account and product. ABS puts data centric decisioning power in your hands. Anywhere, anytime, any smart device: visualize immediately how your business is performing and what new insights become available.

“We have chosen ABS to have a strong supplier of our business system. ABS wants to develop the laundry system together with their customers and listens to the customers’ wishes.”

Rikard Streijffert LINDBYTVÄTTEN - Sweden