ABS is providing Hosting of the application, the report server and database. This way your infrastructure only needs a business internet connection, and your team has access to all the functionality that is licensed. ABS has multiple Hosting centers available. In all business regions the customers of ABS can choose for a fully hosted service. This includes:

• Application availability (up-time)
• High Performance
• Monitoring performance by specialists
• DBA Services including updating standard components/operating systems
• Backing-Up Data
• Access control & Security
• Scaling to your needs
• Saves high costs of building out your own data center hosting service

Before considering a replacement of your IT infrastructure (server environment), make sure you ask for an ABS hosting proposal. Improving your bottom line. Focus on your core business!

ABS Cloud Hosting Proposal: Key Elements
• Full ABSSolute System Hosting, Administration & Tuning
• Includes a dedicated Test environment
• Includes a dedicated Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Server
• Includes Technical SLA Service (hotline / monitoring / full maintenance)
• Includes all backend maintenance activities
• Includes back-up of system and data
• Includes Secure FTP access for interfacing / data exchange

ABS Oracle Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
• Next-gen Cloud architecture
• High speed & Low latency Cloud network infrastructure
• Built for mission-critical, performance-intensive workloads
• Optimized with Oracle datable
• Security-first Cloud infrastructure
• ABS & Oracle cloud: ISO-27001 certified
• Running Oracle Linux Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
• ABS Service level Agreement monitoring
• Firewall protection (WAF)