Route Accounting

100% Accountability

An important recognition of your services is the on-site customer delivery. Besides a clean truck, a recognizable representative (RSR or driver) a correct delivery is key.

This all starts with the proper handling at the laundry facility. Ensuring that a complete delivery is loaded onto the truck. TRUST that ABSSolute’s Truck Load Assistant app will help your staff to do a great job. At the route your (temporary relief) driver/RSR will know exactly what to deliver and where to drop-off the merchandize.

All containers delivered and picked up including Proof-of-Visit or real signing off by the customer. If needed, orders can be taken, new wearers can be added and customer comments noted. GPS locations stored, travel- and service time recorded. Great data to enable optimizing routes.


In time, complete, as agreed

Proof of Visit

Signature, Scan or GPS

Order Handling

Direct Delivery New orders Wearer maintenance Truck inventory

And that's just the beginning!

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