Tracking & Tracing

Real-Time tracking and completeness

ABS has always been considered the innovator on tracking and tracing. Now, all means of identification are supported. From manual count, barcodes to unattended inventory tracking by means of (UHF) RFID. This includes the integration with robotics.

Huge saving on labour can be achieved and accuracy improves. Knowing exactly where products are and since when, giving great insights in Product Life Cycle, customer behaviour (hoarding) and buffer sizes in the laundry, sorting systems or in your stockroom.

All inventory is controlled; Linen, Garments, OR-Packs, Residential items, Facility Services (including First Aid/AED) as well as containers. Gaining your customers’ TRUST by means of a seamless integration with their ERP and Garment Dispensing solutions.

Maximum Efficiency

Smarter, faster, accurate

Supply Chain

In control by real time monitoring

Quantities Always Matter

One piece or full loads: always complete

And that's just the beginning!

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