Clover4 brings together world leading industrial laundry IT experts that work in partnership to offer a holistic integration across multiple disciplines ERP – MES – RFID. Clover4 alliance members offer dynamic solutions for textile rental laundries who provide Hospitality; Garment/Uniform; Hospital or Nursing/Residential care home products and services.

Alliance members offer proven solutions to enhance your business processes in each area of their expertise. Implementing a combination of products from more than one member will further streamline processes in unison. A synergy of data from each discipline is unified centrally, data that you never had before will now be at your service on one combined Laundry Information Platform (LIP)

Clover4 assists you to grow your business, provide seamless cross-platform connectivity, give you greater access to your data and one central version of the truth. We will help you make informed decisions that will improve your efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.

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