ABS Development Center
ABS Development Center

ABS, global specialists in ERP laundry management software, announces expansion of their Bucharest Development Center.

In response to an increase in demand, ABS has expanded office capacity to a second floor, realizing their growth plan in the state of the art office complex located in central Bucharest, Romania.

The Development Center currently accommodates 60 employees dedicated to the advancement of the ABSSolute software solution, which is at the core of operations for over 600 industrial laundry facilities globally.

The move extends ABS’s capacity to bring on additional specialists and provides a more spacious and collaborative working environment. “We are excited about our expansion as a natural step in the continued growth of ABS,” said the company’s Research and Development Manager Wouter van der Horst, PhD. “The additional floor ensures we can continue to grow the development team in line with demand in one central location. As our employees are key to the success of the company, this expansion shows commitment to our staff in providing a comfortable and innovative environment. Moreover, it demonstrates to current and future customers that ABS continues to grow and retain its position as the global market leader in our sector.”

The expansion is part of a series of initiatives underway in preparation for further growth over the long term.

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