ABS can provide a comprehensive system for advanced stockroom management; this can enable significant savings on inventory and purchasing

It all starts with customers ordering. Customers can maintain their own wearers, inventory details and ordering via the Web Portal.  The ABSSolute system will check and monitor available stock in local and centralized stockrooms.  Slow moving stock can be identified and shared with other locations, reducing unnecessary purchases and sleeping stock.

Supply chain rules can be setup for internal and external suppliers, helping to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Emblems can also be stored in the stockroom with clear instructions on usage.  Manual emblem orders and stock checks will be a thing of the past with the fully integration emblem system ensuring issued garments go out the door correctly.

Using shared stockrooms, intercompany shipments become transparent allowing for accurate intercompany cost allocations.

All of this enables the delivery to be done in the shortest possible time and with the lowest costs.


  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Transparent prediction of expected delivery and status
  • Complete delivery according to contract including emblems
  • Recognizing customer distribution (dispenser / lockers)
  • Maximize revenue – Faster customer delivery
  • Faster and complete delivery means faster rent income
  • Maximize Profitability
  • Cost Control through sharing stock
  • First check internally for available stock anywhere
  • Volume discounts at suppliers being reached faster
  • External purchasing limited to real needs over the entire company