Based on feedback and input from all our customers we have again invested in development of new features. We just mention a few of the highlights of the ABSSolute 9.05 core release. 

Dust Control / Mat handling
Last year with the 9.04 core release we released the “Dynamic Mat Storage” and the mobile app “Bulk Packing Assistant”. This has proven to increase the efficiency at the route packing departments. Now extensions are made for supporting the internal and external logistics with so-called Mat Carry Units. This is again supported by mobile apps such as the Bulk Packing Assistant and the Route Assistant.

Route Assistant App with delivery point pictures, GPS location logging & Route Check In
Now also the logging of the GPS coordinates for the stops is visible within ABSSolute as well. The distance of the real customer location and where the truck stopped for servicing the customer(s) is shown. This will be a good basis for optimization of the route & stop sequences. This in combination with the use of the Route Check-In meeting can be a valuable discussion point with the RSR/Driver.

The Route Assistant now contains the picture capturing of stop locations. This enables the RSR/Driver to capture specific drop off locations (like the red door) or even maps of the customer’s location showing the physical mat/washroom locations.

CRM: Contact Manager 2.0
The Contact Manager supports recording of communication with your customers. Contacts/calls with messages or attachments can be entered in ABSSolute and the Route Assistant App. Calls can be created automatically via Alert options such as “customer stock norms are too high” or “check required on too low volume load” of containers. The new ‘Contact Monitor’ gives the overview of all contacts.

New Mobile Solutions

My Uniform Assistant
This app to brings your services to the real end-user: the wearer!  Check where his/her inventory of garments is, check his/her replacements on its way, requesting attention for repairs and register ‘lost and found’ like “I lost my keys/wallet/phone” in my garment.  This way, the customer’s garment manager is not needed for this type of communication with the laundry.      

Packing Assistant
Instead of using printed packing documents, the app will present the packing instructions to the packing employee in the correct sequence. No handwritten notes and real time updating the merchandise requirement for the customer, route or day. In case of shortages, the containers can be “parked”. The app will automatically check the completion of a customer.

Truck Load Assistant
Loading the truck based on the correct and complete load, load sequence and route deadline; it has never been easier! The app will verify that no mistakes in loading truck are made anymore. Now anyone can load the trucks in the correct way. Alerts can be send to the Route Representatives that the Truck Load is completed.