Very soon the next core version of ABSSolute will be released.

We are really excited to announce the release 9.06.00. This release contains many new features as well as system security enhancements. As you know, ABS provides you with all news with our Release Notes that you can expect within the next weeks. In this News Letter we like to highlight:

  • Container Billing
  • Sustainability features
  • Facility Services (new module)
  • Card Connect Credit Card transactions
  • Route Assistant including Payment in Advance


Version 9.06.00 will be bringing you:


Container Billing (extended options)
Protect your property and avoid misuse of containers & carts. Additional contract agreements will avoid losing containers and avoid improper use. Allow your customers to have sufficient transportation material for the laundry services but apply additional charges to compensate any other use and loss.

Sustainability and ABSSolute

Since many years many organizations has seen a great reduction in paper use; thru Automatic E-mailing of invoices and delivery documents, the mobile App “Packing Assistant” instead of packing notes and the use of the “Route Assistant”.  Now this has been taken to the next level:

  • Recycling ragged items? ABSSolute will now help the employees in charge of removing worn out textiles by offering a visual presentation of the fabric of the items – enabling a quick and correct pre-sorting of the ragged items, before they are sent for recycling.
  • Routes to be combined: in case multiple plant locations provide services to the same customer or region, the option is added to share the same route from multiple plants.
  • Adding services to existing stops… see next subject “Facility Services

Facility Services module

During Covid multiple organizations have introduced additional services to their existing accounts, combined with the existing linen- or garment delivery. This Facility Services module is allowing direct sales items to be added to a stop. Orders can be taken at the customer location on the Route Assistant. The delivery can be done during a next day/week stop or immediately from the available Truck Stock. Practical examples are PPE products, First Aid exchange/replenishment, sanitizers and re-fills.

Card Connect

ABSSolute now has the full integration with Card Connect available. This enables invoices to be automatically charged via Card Connect including an interface with data returning payments into your Accounts Receivable system. Card Connect requires a subscription.

Route Assistant with Payment In Advance

In case accounts are services with Direct Invoices and Cash On Delivery, the Route Assistant now supports the handling of pre-paid amounts. This option now avoids additional manual notes to be made.


And there is more! Please check the release notes of ABSSolute 9.06.00.