Every laundry will perform extra services that are not part of your normal services. These additional services can be recorded within the system by means of the “Service Charges” module.
A few examples where Service Charges may apply:

  • At the soil department:
    • The shipment contains also trash which you need to dispose?
    • Incorrectly pre-sorted by the customer?
    • Sleeves in-side-out?
    • It contains contaminated wash-bags (COVID-19?)
  • In general:
    • A last minute (too late) order must be processed
    • An extra delivery must be transported
    • Personal items found in the laundry must be returned

ABSSolute offers a smart way in order to apply these additional Service Charges.
This is a touch-friendly dialog that allows the employee, with easy to use touch screen buttons, to record the extra services that are provided.
This will then be charged automatically or simply used as statistics.

Embracing RFID UHF

With the use of RFID UHF we have even improved the workflow and thereby recommending the employee for which customer that should be recorded for the extra service provided.

A powerful function with a quick return on your investment

The Service Charges functionality is available as an add-on to ABSSolute.
Our customers’ experience is that the ROI is less than 2 months!