ABS to the Cloud


In our March Newsletter we addressed the Hosting Services of ABS. This has been well received, resulting in many customers asking for ABSSolute-as-a-Service (SaaS) and for the ABS hosting of their systems. In short, again the benefits:

  • Uptime and availability guaranteed via the ABS (private) Cloud
  • 24/7 availability
  • Maximum safety: professionals looking after security and updating the back-end
  • Back-up of data & system
  • Scalable to the future: your growing business seamlessly supported

Do you want a proposal for getting your ABSSolute system hosted in a private Cloud? Contact us.

Mobile App Truck Load Assistant

What does it do?

  • Anyone can now prepare truck loads
  • The Truck Load Assistant app does the verification of correct (container) loads per route
  • Checking on the Truck Load completeness (no more forgotten carts/hampers)
  • Ability to merge loads for a full delivery

This all results in lower costs of transportation and an improved customer satisfaction. In combination with the drop-off / pick-up registration of containers on the mobile app Route Assistant, you get a ‘closed loop’ of all container movements.