As many customers from ABS know, we are constantly investing in new features and functionality. Also on the back-end of the application (database, engines, API’s) there are constantly developments done. All this is done to ensure that your ABSSolute installation stays up-to-date, healthy and ready for the long term future. Sometime we receive questions in regards to our timing of new releases and the maintenance on older releases. Therefore some background:

ABS presents once per year a new core release, usually in the first quarter of the year. This release is made available with Release Notes describing all new functionality, re-designs, new tools and occasionally a new look and feel. This release will always be supported until two next (newer) core releases are made available, meaning at least two years. For an additional year, ABS will solve any “blocker” issues occurring at your site. On older releases, you are always getting support from our ABS helpdesk answering any questions you might have. This leads to a continued helpdesk support, however real “blocker” fixes for 3 years, and all other fixes for at least 2 years on a core release. The current latest supported release is v9.00.00.d.

All new functionality is developed in the current release, meaning they will be in the next supported release to come.