ABS provides in cooperation with Gotli Labs’ strong features for real time production management, enabling in time decisions to optimize your daily production flow. All integrated in the same BI tool you’re using today for ABSSolute.

It all starts with GLOBE4, Gotli Labs’ latest product for production tracking and time recording, directly linked to your machines.
Data recorded in GLOBE4 will immediately flow into the ABS data warehouse and will be visible as ready-to-consume information at the dashboards. Real time updated performance tiles per department highlight possible bottlenecks and efficiency drops, enabling you to respond in time.

Combining data from ABSSolute with data from GLOBE4 effortless provides typical laundry KPI’s like ‘Revenue per Lb(or Kg)’, ‘Direct labor cost as % of revenue’ to name a few.
Are you still spending time using Excel creating those numbers?

Besides there is production data on customer level that can be combined with customer data from ABSSolute. Comparing customer revenue with (man / machine) hours spent for it, is just one example.

As a result there are 4 main dashboards:

  • ’Globe Today’ providing real time status at a glance.
  • ‘Globe Insights’ providing analysis and trends on any date range
  • ‘Globe Employee Insights’ select an employee and have all info at single page, including performance, overtime and absence.
  • ‘Globe Customer Insights’ shows today’s status as well as trends based on historical data for the selected customer

Finally, all the above can be self-service customized and extended to your data and your needs, without involving ABS or Gotli Labs.


  • Real time info on both employee and machine efficiency
  • Real time info on machine availability and occupation
  • Real time info on batch location by customer and sort category
  • KPI’s and trends on Revenue/Lb.(or /Kg) and Revenue/Manhour
  • Detect dryer problems with drying time analysis
  • Statistics on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Analysis on who is most efficient at a certain job
  • Analysis on at which jobs someone performs best
  • Customer level info as basis for profitability analysis
  • Product level info as basis for cost calculations
  • Fully customizable and extendable to your data and your needs
  • Stay informed anywhere, any place, any time, any device