In the laundry, whilst truck loading, on the road and at the customer location, we are there providing insight, transparency, accuracy and improved profitability.

At the customer the ABS Linen Assistant android application is used to place an order, do a clean stock count or even scan clean stock with use of UHF RFID. With the use of UHF RFID it becomes simple to see for how long items are already in stock at the customer (sleeping inventory).Once the stock counts and orders are recorded, these can be submitted to the laundry. After an automated comparison with normal stock levels, orders (packing notes) will be generated for the next delivery. There is an optional feature for the customer to track what has been received from and sent to the laundry.

The ABS Packing Assistant android app, showing all orders to be packed by date, route and by customer. The packing notes are 100% digitalized and show the packing employee all items in the correct picking sequence. Just a one-touch is required to complete the packing of a product. Updates are real time, so the merchandize requirement for that day/route or customer is always up to date. When a packing note/container is completed, a delivery note (sticker) is automatically printed.

The android app ABS Truck Load Assistant is used by dispatch staff. Dispatch staff will load the truck in the correct sequence ready for the driver to leave. The Truck Load Assistant will show the required containers to load per route and customer. If the truck is overloaded, warnings are given, allowing the dispatcher to merge containers if possible. To reduce mistakes, completeness checks and container checks are in place to alert the user. Route Status Control screen is updated for a global overview of progress and an alert can be configured to tell the truck driver that the loading is completed.

The truck driver/route sales representative uses the ABS Route Assistant on the route to deliver to the customer. This completes the order-to-deliver cycle. Clean containers are scanned onto site and soiled containers are scanned onto the truck. Even Proof-Of-Delivery scans (no signature required) can be done for items that require specific placement (such as mats, soap re-fills). New wearers or inventory changes can be entered in the Route Assistant. With the CRM feature Contact Manager, any remarks can be viewed and recorded. Travel and onsite service times are stored for future analysis. When leaving, the Route Assistant can start the navigation option to guide to the next stop.

Most important benefits:

Inventory control, reducing sleeping inventory

  • Seamless integration from order to delivery
  • Modern packing tool, saving labour costs
  • Real time updating of merchandize requirement
  • Avoiding wrong deliveries
  • Accuracy of delivery and Proof of Delivery
  • Modern tools and better customer exposure
  • Better insights – improving efficiency and profitability

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